The promise of mRNA therapeutics in producing the first regenerative treatment for SUI

Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) affects up to 50 percent of women across the globe at some point in their lifetime and is a significant problem in a largely underserved women’s health market. With increasing prevalence as the world’s population continues to age, SUI places a great burden on individuals and the economy, making new treatment options necessary.

RNA-based therapeutics have unique potential for SUI treatment. The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the potential of mRNAs. Meanwhile, a very exciting application of the mRNA technology is making strides in producing the first regenerative treatment for SUI. Versameb AG, a private biotechnology company based in Switzerland, is developing a potentially game-changing treatment for SUI. This is the first technology aimed at regenerating the patient’s own urinary sphincter using a unique RNA approach.

In an interview with Drug Target Review, Dr Roger Dmochowski, Professor of Urology and Associate Surgeon in Chief for Vanderbilt University Medical Center, and on the Advisory Board at Versameb, discusses the promise of potential new regenerative treatments that mRNA technology offers.

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