How is Tech transforming developments in healthcare?

Optimum Strategic Communications (Optimum), the international strategic healthcare communications firm, will be hosting its 10th Annual Healthcare Investor Conference in partnership with Bloomberg Intelligence on Tuesday, 16 October 2018 at Bloomberg’s new European Headquarters in the City of London. The conference, now in its 10th successful year, brings together the top executives and visionaries from the healthcare industry and the investment community to discuss and debate the latest trends set to reshape the industry far into the future. This year’s theme, The Future of Healthcare looks at the impact of tech on healthcare and other trends shaping the industry.

The healthcare industry is at an inflection point where the shift away from traditional fee-for -service model will begin to more rapidly move toward value-based reimbursement. A key driver of the shift is the unsustainable level of US healthcare costs with suboptimal results, with growing patient cost burdens threatening demand and ability to afford care. This is a change toward a system where providers and manufacturers are paid more on the basis of clinical outcomes rather than on the volume of patients they treat or procedures they perform.

This shift to value-based reimbursement is set to reshape the healthcare landscape. Against this backdrop, health tech seems to be an obvious winner as the need for sophisticated data collection and analytics capabilities spurs continued investment in solutions with the aim of improving clinical outcomes and access to care in a cost-efficient manner.

Clive Cookson from the Financial Times will be chairing the discussion on Health Tech – How is Tech transforming developments in healthcare, along with Paul Major, Fund Manager at Bellevue Asset Management, Tony Young, National Clinical Lead for Innovation, NHS England, Jackie Hunter, Chief Executive, Clinical Programmes & Strategic Relationships BenevolentAI and Andrew Hopkins, Exscientia.

The panel will discuss:

• What impact is/can tech have on healthcare and where in the system?
• Is it analysing patient data, accelerating drug discovery and product development?
• Which companies and sectors stand to benefit most from the tech-driven transformation in healthcare? And which are at risk of losing out?
• We are hearing more and more about AI in the healthcare context. How much is hype and how much will AI be transformative?
• How should investors make the most of what is to come?
• How quickly will we see the impact? How and what will accelerate it or delay it?