Building Life Science Adventures – Careers Conference 2021

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Mary Clark, Managing Director of Optimum joins the panel discussion ‘The Life Sciences are not Just for Life Scientists’ discussing;

  • Building multi-disciplinary teams
  • Attributes of effective collaboration
  • Leading multi-faceted programmes
  • Communicating across disciplines

Amanda Crouch, Anglia Ruskin University (Chair)
Mary Clark, Optimum Strategic Communications
Mosh Aboobaker, Birkbeck, University of London
Ann Dugdale, Taylors Hill
Alexandra Black, Birkbeck, University of London

Read on for more about this event.

Digital Flyer

Tuesday 30 – Wednesday 31 March 2021 8:30am – 4:30pm. There will be 3 – 4 sessions during this time frame on both days.

Creating careers not just jobs is a two-way process between those seeking to build their adventures in science and those seeking to employ them with academia a critical enabler.

This two-day free to attend digital careers conference will be a chance to fill knowledge gaps, debate best practice and connect to enable success. Not your standard job fair, this will be an event bringing panels of students, early career seekers, employers and universities together to engage in six-eight lively one-hour discussions over the course of two days.

Why you should attend:

Students Come and discuss career options in the Life Science Industry – both lab and non-lab roles with leading companies within the sector. This will be an opportunity for you to explore and learn the variety of different career paths and the support available on how to make those all-important decisions based on your future.

Universities It is the goal of all universities to educate and guide their graduates towards their careers of choice and more broadly to meet the needs of the employers requiring world class staff. The two-way understanding of what skills are needed and how these can be taught is not always clear. Our vision is to enable this communication between all parties – employers, students and universities.

Employers We recognise that the competition for great staff and the challenges around recruiting and retaining talent continues to grow within the Life Science industry. Find out how investing in your employees and being open to the prospect of developing and moulding your staff will breed loyalty and create an attractive company culture.


  • Why mentoring is good for recruitment, retention and fostering innovation?
  • Race for the top – progressing inside or outside the lab
  • Invest in some personal R&D
  • The Life Sciences Isn’t Just for Life Scientists
  • What is ‘ESG’ and why is it important to attracting the best people?
  • Opportunities in clinical research

The Life Sciences Inspiration of the Year Award:

One Nucleus will be presenting the Life Sciences Inspiration of the Year Award during the Building Life Science Adventures conference 30 – 31 March.

We are surrounded by exceptional individuals within the Life Science industry and we wouldn’t be here today without learning from our colleagues, employers and tutors. We want to give you the opportunity to nominate yourself or someone you know who has particularly inspired you during your career journey to date.

This reward recognises:

  • An ambassador for the Life Sciences
  • Someone who has shown great leadership in building teams
  • An inspiration to others

Please send your nominations, including their name, email address and a maximum 100 word summary of why you are nominating them to by midday Wednesday 17 March. Nominations will be shortlisted and opened for a public vote. The winner will be announced during the ‘Food for Thought’ lunchtime session on 31 March.