What was the best professional advice you were ever given?

Mary Clark, Director, Optimum Strategic Communications

I was very lucky to have great mentor who would encourage me to push myself and try new things .. and if it didn’t quite go to plan would remind me to learn from the experience – Onwards and upwards!

Supriya Mathur, Director, Optimum Strategic Communications

“I’ve been fortunate to receive great advice along the way and have some really inspirational mentors.

It’s key to work with people who believe and invest in you. The most important ingredient is passion, find that in what you do and you will find a great reason to get up every day. “

Victoria Stewart, Director of Communications, Verona Pharma

“Trust your instincts and lead by example.”

Ena Prosser, Partner, Fountain Healthcare Partners

“Always hire someone better than yourself!”

Geraldine O’Keeffe, Partner, LSP

“Not succeeding is not the same as failure – failure is not trying”

Carmen Vroonen, Senior Director Communications and Public Affairs, Galapagos

“Don’t worry about career planning. Focus on collecting experiences and knowledge outside your area of expertise. When a job becomes too cosy, move on. Spend time trying out new things, you will definitely fail from time to time, but more importantly you will learn that you are capable of more than you thought possible. When I recently moved to a global role at a fast-growing biotech. I was amazed that it is possible to develop new skills in a minimum amount of time, and it’s fun and exciting (never mind the occasional headache).”

Charlotte Casebourne, Co-Founder & CEO, Theolytics

“The best professional advice came from a very wise, very dear friend in a moment of doubt:

Everyone has to do something for the first time once. No one knows what you’re capable of better than you – and even you don’t know what you’re capable of until you try.”

Anne Portwich, Partner, LSP

  • “It’s okay to be afraid – but don’t base decisions on this emotion.

  • Be patient – don’t be discouraged if things take a bit longer.

  • Grab an opportunity when it presents itself.

Leadership has many faces – find your own style. don’t compare yourself to others – every path is different.”

Amber Tong, Associate Editor, Endpoint News

“The best professional advice I was ever given was probably this: Don’t be afraid to ask seemingly stupid questions. This may sound obvious for a journalist but it’s served me well as I report on an industry full of intelligent people and complex subjects.”

Judit Pont Boter, PR & Corporate Communications Specialist, Neuraxpharm

“Always treat both your other colleagues and suppliers with respect, as you would like to be treated.”

Fang Jia, Scientist, ImaginAb

“Walk out of your comfort zone, you will achieve more than what you have expected!” This is the best professional advice I have ever given in the past, from my line manager at ImaginAb. With his advice, I was able to re-discover and re-explore my career potential and career path, started the transition from a bench work focused scientist role to a project planning and strategy focused manager role. When I opened the window and walked out of my comfort zone, indeed I see the growth of myself, in my professional life.”

Parul Kanabar, Group Chief Financial Officer, Masters Speciality Pharma

“Always surround yourself with people who energise you.”

Lucy Lee, Marketing and Communications Manager, Masters Speciality Pharma

“Take some time every now and again to think about what you really want in your career, and do what makes you happy.