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Tony Kouzarides, Founder of STORM Therapeutics, Awarded British Knighthood for Services to Healthcare Innovation and Delivery

Ground-breaking discoveries on the characteristics of RNA epigenetics unveiled novel targets to treat diseases 17 June 2024, Cambridge, UK: STORM Therapeutics Ltd. (STORM), the clinical stage company pioneering cellular reprogramming through RNA modifications to treat disease, is delighted to announce that its Founder & Director and Professor of Cancer Biology, University of Cambridge, UK, Tony Kouzarides, […]

RNA epigenetics – an emerging, innovative area of drug discovery

RNA epigenetics is an “untapped druggable space” that could be the next breakthrough/ frontier for innovative treatments for cancer and a broad array of other conditions. What is more, is that it lends itself to small molecule drugs adding to the small molecule armamentarium of targeted drugs for cancer that are giving doctors and their […]