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STORM Therapeutics: 2022 Winner of “Fierce 15”

The award highlights significant company growth and advancement in the field of RNA modifying enzymes (RME) as STORM aims to become the global leader in the field of RME.

RNA epigenetics – an emerging, innovative area of drug discovery

RNA epigenetics is an “untapped druggable space” that could be the next breakthrough/ frontier for innovative treatments for cancer and a broad array of other conditions. What is more, is that it lends itself to small molecule drugs adding to the small molecule armamentarium of targeted drugs for cancer that are giving doctors and their […]

STORM Therapeutics’ collaborator awarded ASH–BSH Abstract Achievement Award at the 61st ASH Annual Meeting & Exposition

09 December 2019, Cambridge, UK: STORM Therapeutics, the biotechnology company focused on the discovery of small molecule therapies modulating RNA epigenetics announces today, that its collaborator Dr. Konstantinos Tzelepis, Sir Henry Wellcome Fellow and Visiting Scientist at the Wellcome Sanger Institute, received the ASH-BSH Abstract Achievement Award for his work on STORM Therapeutics’ lead programme, […]