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Novo Nordisk Fonden: New international research center to drive future stem cell-derived medicines

Stem cell medicine is delivering hope for new treatments across many currently untreatable diseases. Stem cells are found throughout the human body and are critical for a healthy life. Recent scientific advances now allow us to identify, isolate and engineer stem cells to create human tissue models, repair injured tissues and in the future grow […]

Sanofi offers to acquire Kiadis for €308 million

Congratulations to Kiadis Pharma on recently announcing that it is being acquired by Sanofi in a deal valued at approximately €308m ($359m), a 272% premium over last week’s closing price, one of the largest premiums in European biotech. After the discontinuation of its lead product candidate and subsequent reorganization in 2019, Kiadis started 2020 as an entirely new company […]