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Massive investment in fundamental cardiometabolic research addresses a growing global public health crisis

Copenhagen-based research center is awarded up to DKK 1 billion (€134.2 million) from the Novo Nordisk Foundation to support research toward innovative approaches to the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of cardiometabolic diseases. Read more…

Novo Nordisk Foundation: Major investment for developing Denmark’s first fully functional quantum computer

Denmark’s first fully functional generally applicable quantum computer will be available in 2034. This is the objective of the ambitious Novo Nordisk Foundation Quantum Computing Programme that is being launched in collaboration with the University of Copenhagen. Quantum computers will help in developing new medicine and provide new insight into climate change and the green […]

Novo Nordisk Fonden: New international research center to drive future stem cell-derived medicines

Stem cell medicine is delivering hope for new treatments across many currently untreatable diseases. Stem cells are found throughout the human body and are critical for a healthy life. Recent scientific advances now allow us to identify, isolate and engineer stem cells to create human tissue models, repair injured tissues and in the future grow […]