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New Research Highlights Potential of iOnctura Strategy Combining Autotaxin and TGF-Β Inhibitors In Cancer

Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Geneva, Switzerland, 19 October 2023 – iOnctura, a clinical-stage biotech developing selective cancer therapies against targets that play critical roles in multiple tumor survival pathways, today announces publication of new research data in the peer-reviewed journal Cancer Research, that supports a strategy of combining autotaxin inhibitor IOA-289 with TGF-β pathway inhibitor IOA-359. Read […]

iOnctura: realising the potential of autotaxin therapy in cancer

There’s an increasing focus on using drugs to modify the tumour microenvironment, reducing immunosuppression and breaking down the barrier of fibrotic scar tissue that blocks many therapies. Optimum Strategic Communications’ Richard Staines talked to our client iOnctura, about the Company’s plans to use an autotaxin inhibitor to remove this obstacle.  Scientists are looking at a […]

Peer-Reviewed Translational Research Paves The Way For First-In-Class Autotaxin Inhibitor IOA-289 In Cancer

Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Geneva, Switzerland, 16 May 2023 – iOnctura, a clinical stage biotechnology company developing breakthrough therapies for patients suffering with cancer, today announces the peer-reviewed publication of comprehensive translational research on the novel autotaxin (ATX) inhibitor IOA-289 in the ESMO journal Immuno-Oncology and Technology (IOTECH). Read more…