Synklino’s Breakthrough Approach to Eliminate Transplant Related CMV

Synklino, the emerging biotech company developing breakthrough drugs for the treatment of chronic viral infections, accelerates development of its drug candidate SYN002  for the treatment of Cytomegalovirus (CMV), into both ex vivo and in vivo Phase 1 clinical trials, following a Series A fundraise of EUR 29.8 million.

PKA pension fund led the funding round, alongside The Danish Growth Fund and Eir Ventures, with the capital raised establishing a solid foundation for expanding Synklino’s pipeline and widening the strategic options for further value creation.

CMV is prevalent in around 60% of adults. For most it has no effect but for transplantation patients CMV is the main agent involved in infectious complications, with major risk for morbidity and increased hospital readmissions. Synkino’s drug candidate SYN002 has the unique potential to eliminate CMV from infected patients by targeting both lytic and latent infection, addressing a large, unmet patient need.

Synklino’s CEO, Thomas Kledal, spoke with Endpoints News about the news and its exciting plans to move towards significant clinical milestones. Read the full interview here

Optimum is pleased to support such an innovative emerging biotech company, identifying promising new therapies for patients.