Scrip Asks… What does 2023 hold for Biopharma?

More than one hundred industry executives and experts provided insight into what to expect for the year ahead. Here’s what we’ve read so far…

Technological Advances

Today’s article explores the technological advances expected during 2023.

Developments in data science and molecular biology drive expectations – for another year of breakthrough innovation in human therapeutics. However, for this to be of value it must deliver tangible benefits: getting over the line, integrating into real lives and making a difference to patients.

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The Funding Environment

Can Biotechs weather the ongoing downturn or will there be carnage?

There were mixed responses from participants, ranging from extreme pessimism – to some optimism, at least for certain types of company. Even the optimists tended to agree that the year would be challenging, with companies needing to make careful strategic choices.

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M&A And Partnering

Due to the looming patent cliff, participants discussed the anticipated increase in deal-making between big pharma and biotech, and biotech companies needing to partner to help them advance amid the ongoing big freeze on raising cash on public markets.

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Global Headwinds Tough Times Call For Resilience, Flexibility And Collaboration

How will the sector be affected by the global headwinds of political instability, violent conflict, inflation, and recession? Respondents acknowledged that times are tough, and that biopharma cannot remain untouched by the political and macroeconomic situation.

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Pricing and Reimbursement

This will remain a critical issue this year. Biopharma executives see value-based pricing as an increasingly important topic for the sector in 2023, while the US Inflation Reduction Act will have a major impact on portfolio strategies.

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