Optimum Strategic Communications client, Ziylo, acquired by Novo Nordisk in deal that could exceed US$800m

Ziylo’s technology platform could accelerate the development of a groundbreaking treatment for diabetes patients

Optimum Strategic Communications supported the acquisition of its client Ziylo by Novo Nordisk in a deal that could exceed US$800 million. Ziylo’s innovative technology platform offers the potential to develop glucose responsive insulins, a ground-breaking treatment for diabetes patients worldwide.
The acquisition gives Novo Nordisk full rights to Ziylo’s glucose binding molecule platform to develop glucose responsive insulins (GRIs). The development of this technology is a key strategic area for Novo Nordisk in its effort to develop this next generation of insulin, which would lead to a safer and more effective insulin therapy. A GRI would help eliminate the risk of hypoglycaemia, the main risk associated with insulin therapy and one of the main barriers to achieving optimal glucose control. Thus, a GRI could also lead to better metabolic control and therefore reduce the overall burden of diabetes for people living with the disease.


Ziylo is the anchor tenant of Unit DX, a science incubator in central Bristol, home to over 25 science and engineering companies. Ziylo was co-founded by Dr Harry Destecroix, CEO while finishing his PhD in the Anthony Davis Lab at the University of Bristol. He is also the co-founder of Unit DX, along with Tom Smart, CFO and Keith MacDonald, Chairman.

“We are really grateful for the support we were given by the Optimum team around Ziylo’s acquisition by Novo Nordisk. As a young company, we weren’t prepared for the response that we got, and we would have struggled to deal with it by ourselves. Optimum worked seamlessly with our team to ensure that we had a positive, well managed process with a great result. They made what could have been a potentially stressful time into a very positive and enjoyable experience.” – Harry Destecroix