Optimum’s guide to investor pitch meetings

‘Fail to prepare, prepare to fail’ – an old adage that couldn’t be truer when it comes to maximising your valuable time and resources when attending conferences. 

Here are Optimum’s top tips on how you can ensure you’re attending (a) the right events and (b) utilising the opportunities you hope for, when luck has you standing beside a top investor you’ve been targeting for months! 

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Do your homework! 

Research the investor’s experience and sweet spots: this includes understanding what they can invest in and whether they have dry powder left, etc. Targeting a limited number of the right people will be more effective than a scattergun approach of trying to talk to lots of investors, many of whom might have no interest in your area. 


The medium is the message 

In our recent European Healthcare Investor Survey investors stressed the importance of strong communications, a good investor deck and a clear expression of the value proposition / differentiation as being among the most important ‘must have’ from companies. 


The winner takes it all 

The humble might inherit the Earth, but they are unlikely to get their company funded. Investors told us that if an idea is good, it will get backed, but reducing the amount of money being asked for in a fundraise doesn’t necessarily make it more attractive or likely to succeed. 


Telling your story has never been more important 

In networking environments you need to keep your pitch tight, so you can tell it in a few minutes. Time spent drafting and practising how you describe your business or project is ALWAYS time well spent. The story is critical to perceptions of your company and how you express that story has a central role to play in your likely success or failure. Having data to back up your story is more vital than ever for investors when they are looking to invest.  


No means no 

Finally, remember what bugs investors, so you can avoid annoying them. Investor bugbears include lack of transparency, untargeted cold calling, email blasts from placement agents – and not taking “no” for an answer.  


Are you registered?

Last step, make sure you’re registered for the must attend events in life sciences!

LSX – partnering for Life Science eXecutives

Anglonordic Life Science Conference: 18th April 2024

OBN (UK) LtdBioTrinity: 23-24 April 2024

BioCentury Inc.BioEquity Europe: 12-14 May 2024


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Check out Optimum’s list of must attend healthcare conferences Spring 2024 

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