Optimum Celebrates International Women’s Day 2022

Often when the subject of ESG and sustainability comes up with those who are non-ESG specialists, there is a reluctance to say what they think about it citing a lack of education in and knowledge of the specifics. There is much work still to be done to communicate its importance! So, in the spirit of spreading the message on sustainability, especially throughout the healthcare industry, Optimum decided to celebrate International Women’s Day by asking the brilliant women in healthcare what the subject means to them.

We received a truly inspiring collection of views which speaks to the dedication that women in healthcare have to continuing the conversation around ESG and its position at the core of all business decisions.

Our colleagues in the sector spoke of the ongoing drive towards diversity which is both helped by and contributes to an increasing number of women in leadership positions.  Women are drawn to companies with strong ESG ideals and roles that offer them the scope to make a lasting impact, creating a self-fulfilling situation as they further implement ESG standards and enable businesses to make better and more holistic decisions, ultimately delivering higher returns.  While certain conflicts and inequalities prevail within the life sciences and healthcare industries, women in our sector feel ESG is no longer a box ticking exercise but a real opportunity, citing the UN’s sustainable development goal 3 for Good Health and Wellbeing as particularly relevant.

Diversity of thought and empathy are qualities women bring to the table and these, together with an ability to multitask in our daily lives and a desire to look ahead and provide sustainably for future generations, put ESG at the top of the agenda as society evolves and looks for ways to #breakthebias on every front.

Here is what those amazing women we are lucky enough to work with have to say: What does ESG mean to you?