Congratulations to Futura Medical on its UK launch of Eroxon® for the treatment of erectile dysfunction

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Futura Medical announces UK launch of Eroxon

Game-changing new erectile dysfunction (ED) gel, Eroxon®, can help men in the UK suffering from ED get an erection within 10 minutes.


This week, Futura Medical (Futura) announced the UK launch of its breakthrough, topical gel formulation for the treatment of ED, MED3000, under the brand name Eroxon®. MED3000 is the first ever pan-European topical gel treatment for ED which is now available without the need of a doctor’s prescription, available over the counter (OTC) in Boots stores and online at from 18th April.

Eroxon®, is a fast-acting, clinically proven gel treatment for adult men suffering from ED, with a good safety profile with no systemic absorption and limited mild side effects. Eroxon® provides men with an alternative option with significant benefits compared to existing ED treatments, especially for those patients seeking a spontaneous intercourse experience, as it helps men get an erection within 10 minutes.

Futura has multiple commercial agreements in place in key markets and initial launches commenced under the brand name Eroxon® in March 2023 with further launches planned through the remainder of 2023 and beyond. The Company is also targeting marketing approval by the Food and Drug Administration in the USA in the coming months which holds the largest market opportunity globally for ED treatments.

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