£1 Billion Boost for UK Life Sciences

Recognising the continuing need to deliver life changing innovations to patients, and building on the UK’s pandemic response, the UK government launched the UK Life Sciences Vision, for the next decade with aim to solve some of the biggest healthcare problems of our generation, including cancer and dementia.

The Vision’s 7 healthcare missions will focus on preventing, diagnosing, monitoring and treating disease early, using innovative clinical trials to develop breakthrough products and treatments quickly to help save lives, and accelerating the development and adoption of new drugs, diagnostics, medical technology and digital tools.

The Minister for Innovation, Lord Bethell, commented: “The pandemic showed the UK life sciences industry tackling the world’s most challenging health problems, and winning. But there is more to do. This vision builds on the successes on vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics, and lays down a clear plan for turning our great science into effective treatments delivering better healthcare and creating jobs. It is based on our muscular private industry, the research insight of our universities and, critically, the unique power of the NHS to mobilise clinical trials and deploy innovation at speed and scale.

£1 billion of new funding is available for the UK’s most promising life sciences companies, with the potential to crowd in further funding from other investors.

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