Vesper Bio announces completion of single ascending dose stage in trial of its lead candidate VES001, a potentially disease-modifying treatment for fronto-temporal dementia

Copenhagen, Denmark, 30 May 2024 – Vesper Bio ApS (“Vesper” or “the Company”), a clinical stage biotech and world leader in sortilin receptor biology, today announces completion of the single ascending dose stage of its first-in-human trial of VES001 in healthy volunteers.

VES001 is the first oral, brain penetrant, small molecule sortilin inhibitor designed as a potentially disease-modifying treatment for the neuro-cognitive disorder fronto-temporal dementia (FTD(GRN)). Data returned from this study (NCT06226064) demonstrate the safety and tolerability of VES001 across the full range of doses tested and show it has excellent pharmacokinetics and distribution to relevant parts of the brain. The data predict a once or twice daily efficacious dose.

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