Study shows that selection of breast cancer patients for adjuvant bisphosphonate therapy based on Inbiomotion’s MAFTEST® reduces the risk of death in comparison with current clinical guidance

  • MAFTEST® analyses of the NSABP-B34 and AZURE landmark clinical trials confirmed clinical utility of the MAFTEST® for selection of early-stage breast cancer patients that benefit from adjuvant clodronate treatment.
  • Reduces the risk of death at 5 and 10 years by 26% and 23% respectively.
  • Identifies almost twice as many patients able to benefit from the intervention than are selected using current clinical guidelines.
  • Data published in Annals of Oncology, (33), SUPPLEMENT 3, S152, 2022.

Barcelona, July 14 2022; Inbiomotion SL, a company developing a unique single-gene-based biomarker for the personalized adjuvant treatment of early-stage (stage I-III) breast cancer patients, announces the results of comparing the clinical efficacy of implementing the proprietary MAFTEST® for selection of patients for adjuvant bisphosphonates therapy with current clinical guidance. The results were presented at the ESMO 2022 Breast Cancer Symposium.

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