Outrun Therapeutics launches with a $10m seed financing from M Ventures and MP Healthcare Venture Management to develop a protein stabilisation pipeline

  • Proprietary E3 ligase platform to enable protein stabilisation “at source”, thereby restoring the body’s sophisticated natural disease suppression processes
  • Platform scales the assessment of E3 ligase targets while addressing the historic challenges of drugging these targets
  • Pipeline of first-in-class, small molecule, E3 ligase inhibitors to stabilise proteins and treat disease in several therapeutic areas, including cancer and neurology
  • Lead programme focused on hard-to-treat solid tumours
  • Originates from the lab of Prof Satpal Virdee at the MRC Protein Phosphorylation and Ubiquitylation Unit at the University of Dundee 

Dundee, Scotland – 18 April 2024 – Outrun Therapeutics (“Outrun”), the E3 ligase inhibitor and protein stabilisation specialist, today exits from stealth following a $10m seed financing round. Outrun’s platform has enabled it to rapidly build a pipeline of highly selective, small molecule, first-in-class E3 ligase inhibitors, as well as identify novel E3 ligase targets across multiple disease areas. Outrun’s lead programme is focused on hard-to-treat solid tumours.

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