ExeVir Bio Forges Ahead with Unique Next Generation COVID-19 Therapy and Appoints Dr. Jeanne Bolger as Chair of the Board of Directors

Targeting final lead therapy selection, neutralizing all known previous and current SARS-CoV2 variants of concern by end 2022

Triple mode of action dengue fever program identified for development

Industry veteran with exceptional leadership experience to support ExeVir’s new progressive pipeline against infectious diseases

 Ghent, Belgium, 20 Oct 2022: ExeVir is developing robust therapies providing broad protection against infectious diseases, including coronaviruses. The company has identified high potential candidates harnessing its unique, modular Llama-derived antibody (VHH) technology platform to generate multi-specific antibodies for prophylaxis and treatment against COVID-19. ExeVir is evaluating highly potent heavy chain based antibodies that are unique in targeting both S1 and S2 subunits of the coronavirus spike protein via highly conserved epitopes. Multiple high potential binders offer the potential of heterodimer binders to the spike protein in a molecule or a cocktail.

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