What advice would you give your younger self?

Hollie Vile, Director, Optimum Strategic Communications

“Working hard pays off. Dedicate time to things you love. Enjoy the journey – be patient.

Victoria Stewart, Director of Communications, Verona Pharma

“Speak up a little louder and a little more frequently – own those quirky ideas!”

Coco Wong, Associate, Asian Equity Sales, HSBC

“Don’t be afraid to do things outside of your plans – sometimes the good things in life happen by chance and accident.”

Jane Osbourn OBE, Chair Mogrify & Chief Scientific Officer, Alchemab

“Believe in the value of your own opinions and don’t be afraid to voice them.”

Nawal Ouzren , Chief Executive Officer, Sensorion

“Either you succeed or you learn; just relax”
“Time always help; be kind to yourself”

Hannah Nicolas, Equity Sales – Private Client Wealth, Investec

“Embrace what makes you different. Interviewers get so bored of seeing the exact same candidates, so if you are different and have a different story to tell or a different path that got you to where you are, then share it and it will make you more interesting and memorable and vary their boring interview day.”

Eva Haas, Director, Optimum Strategic Communications

  • Set yourself stretch goals amongst the realistic ones. It’s not a bad thing to be outside your comfort zone and you will realise you can do far more than you think.
  • Take time to mentor and advise others. You get what you give eventually.
  • Ambition is fine but do what you love
  • Never stop learning new things
  • Dare to be different. Successful people set trends rather than follow them
  • Underestimate the power of communication and a supportive network at your peril
  • People are worth listening to: do your own work but listen to others as their experiences may save you time and avoid mistakes”

Zoë Johnson, Chief Scientific Officer, iOnctura

“You are smarter than you believe; aim higher and even if you fall short this will not be a failure as you will end up in a better place than you are in right now. “

“Ask for help, particularly from senior women you admire, you will learn something and they may become key allies when you need it in the future.”

“Stop worrying about what everyone else thinks about you, you are not that important to them and this is holding you back.”

Karin, Investment Manager, LSP

” Always stay curious and dare to ask the hard questions”

” Do what you love, work hard and have fun at it”

” Be patient and trust in yourself”

Etain Lavelle, Senior Reporter, S&P Global Market Intelligence

“Don’t undervalue yourself. Be quite firm about the need to be treated equally and stand your ground!”

Parul Kanabar, Group Chief Financial Officer, Masters Speciality Pharma

“Embrace change and pick yourself up from set-backs as every new situation will add to your learning and experience and every setback will open a raft of new opportunities. One day you will know “whatever happened, happened for the best”.”

Lucy Lee, Marketing and Communications Manager, Masters Speciality Pharma

“Be more confident and believe more in your ideas and your abilities…you can do it! And don’t be afraid to speak up.”