Sunstone Life Science Ventures joins Forendo Pharma Investor Syndicate

Sunstone Life Science Ventures joins Forendo Pharma Investor Syndicate

Forendo Pharma, a clinical stage drug development company focusing on novel treatments in women’s health, today announces that Sunstone Life Science Ventures has made a €5 million investment in Forendo. Sunstone joins the existing international investor syndicate comprising Novo Seeds, Karolinska Development, Innovestor, Novartis Venture Fund, M Ventures and Vesalius Biocapital III. Claus Andersson, General Partner from Sunstone, joins Forendo Pharma’s Board of Directors.

The new financing will enable Forendo Pharma to progress its lead endometriosis program, FOR-6219, an oral small molecule HSD17B1 enzyme inhibitor, into the next phase of clinical studies after the successful completion of its Phase 1a study earlier this year.

Endometriosis is a chronic condition that affects many women of reproductive age and causes repeated pain symptoms, infertility and impaired quality of life. Currently available treatments for endometriosis have limitations in efficacy and/or cause significant side effects, due to systemic estrogen depletion. Forendo’s novel HSD17B1 inhibitor is the first drug that aims for a local effect in endometriosis lesions without effecting systemic estrogen.

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