RYSE announces partnership with DigitalHealth.London to invest in early stage digital health businesses

Applications open today for RYSE Early Stage Opportunity Fund

London, 27 November 2017 – RYSE Asset Management LLP (“RYSE”), the investment and advisory boutique, has partnered with DigitalHealth.London in a new venture which could pave the way for public-private collaborations in health and care. Together, RYSE through its Early Stage Opportunity Fund, supported by DigitalHealth.London, seeks to support a number of promising early stage digital health businesses within the NHS or other healthcare delivery systems.

RYSE aims to review high calibre companies developing digital solutions that are innovative services or products and address identified health and care needs. The collaboration provides an opportunity for digital health innovations looking for funding to support large scale adoption across the NHS, but also for the creation of digital tools and applications that improve patient experiences, drive operational efficiency in the NHS and build long term value for investors.

Early stage digital health businesses looking for funding are invited to apply. The application process opens today, Monday 27 November 2017, and will run until Thursday 18 January 2018. You can see more details on the application process here.

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