Optimum’s 14th Annual Healthcare Investor Conference 2022

Optimum is thrilled to return to an in-person event for its 14th Annual Healthcare Investor Conference, to be held at The Wellcome Collection, London on Thursday, 6th October 2022
In its 14th year, Optimum’s Annual Healthcare Investor conference is now firmly established as a major thought leadership event in Europe, bringing together the top executives and visionaries from the healthcare industry and investment community to discuss and debate the trends set to reshape the industry far into the future.

Every year our, invite only, audience consists of senior management from private and public companies across the life sciences sector in Europe, as well as several investors and analysts from the investment community.

At our last conference, in 2021, we celebrated the numerous successes across our sector and the ‘champions’ who are making it happen.

2021 Conference booklet for reference

By Optimum

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