Nuformix Reports Results from Novel Pre-Clinical Trial in IPF for NXP002 Programme

Data show Nuformix Investigational Candidates (NXP002) outperform current standard of care

Cambridge, UK, 3rd December 2018: Nuformix, the pharmaceutical development company using cocrystal technology to unlock the therapeutic potential of approved small molecule drugs, announces results from the completion of its innovative pre-clinical trial for its NXP002 fibrosis programme in human idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (‘IPF’) against standard of care1.

Multi-patient tissue studies were performed in partnership with Newcastle University, UK using a leading-edge human tissue trial model that closely replicates the clinical disease:

• Data demonstrates NXP002 candidates strongly inhibit fibrosis ex-vivo, even in very severely fibrotic patient tissue, giving strong support for treating IPF and other fibrotic lung conditions

• In addition, NXP002 demonstrated specific action measured against key inflammatory targets • NXP002 out-performed current standard of care treatment, Esbriet ® (pirfenidone)

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