Enzyre appoints Dirk Pollet as Chief Executive Officer

Awarded €2M grant and completes seed financing to develop high-precision point-of-care Hemophilia Biochip device

CEO Dirk

April 30th, 2019 Nijmegen, Netherlands: Enzyre, which is developing breakthrough ambulant diagnostic technology for coagulation testing, announces today the appointment of Dirk Pollet as Chief Executive Officer. It also announces the award of €2M European Fund for Regional Development (EFRO) grant and closing of a successful seed funding round which enables Enzyre to accelerate the development of its unique Hemophilia Biochip technology.

Enzyre’s platform technology requires just a small volume of blood and is able to measure up to twelve reactions simultaneously with high sensitivity and specificity, that can be carried out at home, on the road or in a critical care setting, without any laboratory infrastructure. This has the potential for better disease management and to improve the lives of patients living with chronic conditions whilst reducing healthcare costs.

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